Renovation Coach

Renovation Coach

Let Us guide you through the process…

Our 1-to-1 coaching sessions are aimed at those who are a little daunted by the thought of restyling one room or even the whole house!

We assess the space requiring attention – then give advice on layout, colour, soft furnishings and where necessary make suggestions on all areas of interior design.

Some of our clients have definite ideas on designing or redecorating their home but just do not know where to start. They are not sure if their idea will actually work. In each case we provide what we call a ‘Renovation Coaching Session’.

  • Our personal 1-to-1 session, in your own home, enables you to discuss your project with us. You will be able to outline what you hope to achieve ….and how you hope to actually get to your ‘end-goal’ with professionalism!
  • A Coaching Session often highlights possible project problems that cannot be foreseen! We give a 360° view of potential pitfalls.
  • Renovation Coach’s main aim is to help you NOT to make costly mistakes …but to help you get the best results while saving time, money and stress levels!

…and if it all becomes too much at any stage we are there to either step in and take over …or simply keep advising!